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NJM Consulting provides a fresh approach to the Project and Programme Management Office world, allowing you to select the best PMO service level for your business
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NJM Consulting provides programme & project management as a service

We work with our clients to identify where we can help solves issues and meet business needs.


Programme & Project Management Office as a Service

Whether your company just needs a PMO service for an interim period while you establish your own PMO, EPMO, APMO, PgMO, an ” Out of the box” solution in a hurry, or a full service on-going solution NJM Consulting can help. Our consultancy can assist in scoping your PMO requirement and planning its implementation. We also provide a PMO solution aimed squarely at Research organisations, drawing upon our own university experience and contacts to develop it.

A key feature of NJM is research & industry awareness. Every year we send our staff to expos, university events and conferences allocating up 15 working days a year each in order to keep us all current with 4th Industrial Revolution technologies (see Events & Affiliations).


Institutional Memory Service

One of the underrated costs of employee turnover, in addition to the costs of recruiting and training new employees, is the loss of institutional knowledge represented by departing or off-boarding employees. When employees leave your company, they take with them a lot of valuable knowledge, connections, expertise and social capital that can be difficult to replace. NJMC offers an Institutional Memory Service -Knowledge Management Enhanced if you prefer.


PMO Training

Our experienced PMO trainers can develop a training plan and/or mentoring programme to support fledgling PMO staff. Training can be delivered via a variety of mediums from in person training to online instructor led, to bespoke training videos. We can even support a number of European language formats.

Project & Portfolio Engagement Service

NJM Consulting offers a full project and portfolio engagement service that will manage all your incoming project requests for multiple portfolios. Most organisations experience resource capability planning issues, which is greatly compounded when projects are managed in isolation. Our PPE Service helps to significantly reduce these issues by centralising the selection and prioritisation of projects – using the TransparentChoice tool to select the right projects at the right time based on resource and financial constraints.


NJM Consulting handles all the coordination of all external and internal stakeholders in the participation in the PPE Service, inclusive of all set-up activities, training and meeting coordination.



Why PMO as a Service – a short video





Our basic package for projects



For more demanding projects



For more complex projects or programmes



Premium package for project or programmes



Our package for research projects



Fully customised to exact client requirements

PMO as a Service (PMOaaS) Benefits.



PMO delivery at a more affordable cost.

• NJM Consulting works with our clients to determine which of our service packages are the best fit for your organisation.  By focusing on the specific functions within each service package we limit your expenses to fixed variable to maximise your return on investment (ROI).

• No desk provision, saving our clients seating space – NJM work remotely via phone, video, multiple messaging links and cloud services.

• NJM Consulting provide our own IT hardware.

• NJM Consulting work with their own software, files are exchanged in agreed formats via secured cloud solutions.

• The client does not have to run a PMO “bench”, that is NJM Consulting’s responsibility.



As your organisation or portfolio of projects changes, NJM Consulting can flex to meet your changing needs.

NJM Consulting will deliver to the Service Package you require (egg Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum), giving you certainty on your per-project costs.  If your needs change, with a simple Contract Change Note (CCN) we can move your Service Package.  Your own staffing levels can remain the same while we scale to provide your service.



Each service package comes with a well-defined scope and a set of Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

To ensure performance is delivered, NJM Consulting constantly monitor our outputs delivered and share this monitoring with our client. If any of our predictive indicators highlight an issue, we take swift action to correct it, before the SLA is breached. Our motivation and delivery performance are our drivers to satisfaction and greater success.



From the scope definition of our service packages, to agreed variances made via a formal contract change note (CCN) process, NJM Consulting produce predictable, repeatable results, at a predictable price. 

We strive to make your PMO a success, driven by repeatable, execution driven delivery.