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PMO as a Service – Power by the Hour

PMO as a Service – Power by the Hour

Boosting Productivity Through Service

Burlington Northern locomotive service shop, home to Power by the Hour.


There is a concept in the rail industry called “Power by the Hour”. It was developed by the Burlington Northern Railroad (BN) operating department as they sought to improve locomotive availably rates.  Power by the Hour means that the BN did not buy all their locomotives but hired them from the builders on the basis of the megawatt-hours generated by their diesel engines.

This resulted in considerable capital saving when locos are $15 million a piece which was incentive alone, but by paying by the hour the responsibility for maintenance now lay with the loco builders and that gave them every incentive to improve reliability because now an idle loco in a shop was not earning them revenue. As a result, loco failures went from a dismal 25-35 days to 75-85 days.

NJMC – Helping You Achieve More


Project Management Office as a Service by NJMC is PMO Power by the Hour, or the day in our case, for programmes & projects.  You pay for the service only as long as you require it. If you find yourself in a tight spot with an urgent need we can have our templated PMO service up and running with our experienced staff very quickly. You choose the service level from Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. We can customise elements to your requirements either before starting the service or once your urgent need is met and the service is already running. Then after initial set-up you pay by the day for the programmes & projects it is used on. Should your programme or project be stopped for a time the service can suspended and put into a dormant state to be re-activated when needed reducing your costs. When a programme or project reaches it’s conclusion we perform a correct programme/project closure, marking any follow on actions for attention. When a client needs us again we are ready to be of service.

Using our PMO as a Service we can:
• Our data visualisation function builds out project dashboards & assists decision making, we can provide bespoke dashboards & data visualisation too!
• Help increase the number of projects achieving expected benefits, on time, on budget & within scope.
• Alignment of project investment to corporate strategy – our Portfolio & Project Engagement Service (PPES) can add fantastic value in this.
• Decreased risk exposure, with fewer incidents of reportable incidents through risk management.
• Increase in accuracy of project financial reporting.
• Reduction in project overhead/bureaucracy by using NJMC templated, lean processes.
• Need assistance with Institutional Memory & Knowledge Management to strengthen your staff on boarding? – we can help there as well!


NJMC PMOaaS – Power by the Hour, download the brochure here


Institutional Memory Service (IMS)

NJMC Institutional Memory Service

When a major programme or project closes key staff with essential knowledge often move on and important knowledge and information is lost. NJMC operates an Institutional Memory Service (IMS) that is comprised of four main components, Staff On-boarding, Content Management, Knowledge Management and Off-boarding. If you want to learn more download our IMS Brochure.