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PMO as a Service – What NJM Consulting Provides


PMO as a Service – What NJM Consulting Provides


The PMO Problem


In today’s business environment, contracts with suppliers, and service providers often require that a Programme Management Office (PMO) be created and managed so that correct and  good governance, record keeping, data collection and visualisation, progress and cost management requirements can be measured and reported to all stakeholders.

For a business maintaining a permanent PMO can be an often be a struggle:

  • Creating the required PMO environment can be expensive, finding the resources with the correct skills can be time consuming.
  • The need to license, maintain and upgrade software for the PMO and programme/project managers is costly and requires resources with the correct skills and experience.
  • An existing PMO maybe too focused on process and not the business need.
  • A PMO needs to be, first and foremost, an ally of the project manager not an adversary.
  • Project Management (PPM) software support can be costly from vendors.
  • Programme /project reporting status reports, data analysis, business analysis and program measurements requires good data visualistion skills, roles that can be problematic and expensive to fill in a PMO.
  • The maintenance and archiving of PMO data  and of project data (Content Management) to meet contractual, regulatory requirements to ISO standards is required to meet typical contractual obligations.
  • Capturing the lessons learnt during project execution can be crucial in saving future projects from over-runs and failures yet requires more software and administration by the PMO. Programme and project managers need training and support on use of Knowledge Management (KM) software.
  • Programme and project management document templates have to be created, modified and enhanced to meet requirements. This requires additional investment in resource time.



NJMC – The PMOaaS Solution


With our cloud computing platforms our professional PMO service has the ability to provide secure cloud based platforms for:

  1. PMO as a Service (PMOaaS).
  2. Programme & Project Management (PPM).
  3. Programme & Project Engagement Service (PPES).
  4. Institutional Memory Service (IMS).



NJMC Services Infographic, right-click to ‘save as’. A3 printable PDF.


Using some of the best of off the shelf, semi-customised and/or custom tools NJMC can offer key advantages to our clients:

  1. FAST: A PMO service that is almost “out of the box” ready at low start-up cost.
  2. EXPERIENCED: An experienced team of PMO and project management staff who are ready to deliver a complete  programme/project management office to support project managers in delivery of their projects.
  3. READY: The need to license, maintain and upgrade software is completely removed, NJMC take care of all of that.
  4. ON-DEMAND/OFF-DEMAND: a client can quickly pick up our services and quickly put them down when no longer required or in  a trough between programmes of work giving better control over costs.
  5. STANDARDISED: Tools, reports and dashboards are created and exported as part of NJMC’s standard service packages. We then monitor those for the value they deliver, when they do not deliver business value we work to find something that does. Client customisation can be performed via a CCN.
  6. SUPPORT FOCSED: We support our clients 24 hours, each has their own SPOC, a back-up SPOC and each PMO discipline has it’s SME. The role of our PMO service is to support and facilitate the project manager and management.
  7. DASHBOARDS: The delivery, status reports, data analysis, business analysis and program measurements are all built right into the PMOaaS. We are constantly working with partner companies to improve data analysis and visualisation.
  8. PPES: A complete Project Engagement Service using a state of the art Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) application from one of our business partners (TransparentChoice) to make better project decisions based on objective analysis of project criteria. Our experienced NJMC staff run the process providing stakeholder training, facilitating stakeholders meetings and coordinating the entire project decision life-cycle leaving clients free to focus on their business.
  9. IMS: An Institutional Memory Service Many business processes are transactional in nature – individuals draw on institutional knowledge to execute recurring tasks with defined outcomes, but many organisations have lost institutional knowledge. In the arena of project/programme management this loss can be felt particularly keenly as it increases risks, repeats avoidable errors and increases costs. The NJMC IMS provides a process which can be fully active during major prgrammes and then put into a dormant state to reduce costs until the next programme starts where upon the IMS becomes part of the next programme’s resource onboarding. NJMc’s MIS  uses three streams to help mitigate loss of Institutional Memory:
    1. A Content Management Service – MS SharePoint based, fully meta-tagged document management service.
    2. A Knowledge Management Service where all stakeholders can contribute their experiences, lesson learnt, tips and triks which are then fully indexed, word/phrase searchable.
    3. Resource on-boarding – includes instruction on:
      • Use of content management.
      • Use of knowledge management system.
      • Client company orientation.



The Mission of NJM Consulting’s PMO Services


ln short, NJMC’s mission is to deliver good customer experience through……….

  • A value PMO service via our four core PMO service packages (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum).
  • We further aim to assist our clients to choose those projects that will deliver best return on investment (ROI), deliver to their organization’s strategic direction and/or to improve it’s infrastructure with our Portfolio & Project Engagement Service.
  • NJMC considers institutional memory every bit as valuable to a company or organisation as intellectual property. To assist we provide our Institutional Memory Service. To further encourage use of this service we have built into it the ability to put it into a dormant state between programmes in order to reduce running costs.
  • Training: We at NJMC would like to help businesses and organisations establish their own PMO. To this end we can help train client staff for PMO positions and roles. Whether you want a fully implemented PMO or a light footprint full time PMO that then engages a PMOaaS to assist with peak demand we would like to help scope your requirement and then develop a training  package to suite your business needs and budget.


Pay For What You Use

We aim to start delivery of the above quickly, in as little as five days after Consultation when using our products off the shelf, making efficient use of the service you pay for. At the other end of the cycle as a client programme draws to a close all we need is a target close date and NJMC will prepare for an orderly close down of projects, documenting any follow-on actions. At this time putting content management and knowledge management into close or alternately into a dormant state pending a possible start/re-start of a programme.


Want to know more?

Nik Morris

Email: nik.morris@njm-consulting.com

Tel UK: 0044 74 75 12 18 28.

Tel NL: 0031 621 356 041