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NJMC at TUS Delft & RoboValley

TUS Expo RoboValley TU-Delft

NJMC at TUS Delft & RoboValley

TU-Delft Robovalley RoboBusiness

TU Delft, Robovalley RoboBusiness

The Unmanned Systems Expo (TUS Expo) in Den Haag was dedicated and focused on bringing business and robotic research together with European and global companies. It certainly provided us here at NJMC was an intensive start to the week. The RoboBusiness Europe and TUSExpo conferences gave us valuable insights into the latest robotics developments that are shaping the future of industry, society and business.

Today (Sunday) we have had lunch with some of the talented students from Technische Universiteit Delft. We had spent much of the earlier part of the week getting the low down from those at the top, but I wanted to get the view from the coal-face, as it were. I wanted to learn more about the “Robovalley” initiative from those at the ground level. Robovalley is a collaboration of 170 robotics researchers from a multitude of fields collaborate with other experts, entrepreneurs and decision makers in both public and private sectors. TU Delft Robotics Institute, robotics research is not fragmented around separate academic faculties. According to our, by now, well fed guests, the RoboValley programme team makes sure companies can find and make use of the available knowledge. So it does appear that in RoboValley, all the key players in robotics are connected to each other, which will help accelerate the growth of the industry, and grow it most certainly will !

From our three hour lunch with six students and post-grads three things have become very clear:

  1. Students here are encouraged to explore, test, fail and try again and again, which produces a very energetic and free thinking campus.
  2. Robotics are here to stay, to grow exponentially and change life as we know it and TU Delft / Robovalley will be at the centre of it.
  3. Students today drink much better quality beers than I did when I was a student – or maybe its just that I am picking up the tab !

It is time for NJMC to consider very carefully when NJMC will have it’s Dutch office, because there is opportunity here to help with Project/Programme Management Services (PMO / PMOaaS). There is also value in using our Project/Portfolio Engagement Service (PPES) in a slightly tweaked mode to optimise it for academic research environments.

I encourage you to visit the Robovalley web site and start learning more about that which is going to have a big impact on your life in years to come.

  • For developments in the Robotics Industry across Europe: http://robobusinesseurope.com/
  • For Technische Universiteit Delft: https://www.tudelft.nl/en/
  • For developments in RoboValley: http://www.robovalley.com/
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