NJM Consulting | Why Do You Need a Programme/Project Management Office ?
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Why Do You Need a Programme/Project Management Office ?


Why Do You Need a Programme/Project Management Office ?

The Project Management Office has made it into mainstream project management, and for very good reason – they can considerably enhance programme/project value.

Companies that benefit from project management offices (PMOs) are those which has the PMO and the programme and project managers working in sync. PMOs can add significant value to the work that project and programme managers do, but only when the processes are well defined, clearly communicated and where the PMO supports the project manager, facilitating them in the work they do regardless of the industry sector.



Increasing the Chances of Project Success

Where PMOs have been introduced, the probability of a project failing has gone down significantly. Successful projects boost the reputations of organisations, companies and project professionals. A dedicated PMO multi-tasks thus contributing to reduced project cycle times. The standardisation of project processes that a PMO brings helps project teams to deliver real results. This means the business increases its chances of handling more projects, delivering better quality work in less time.


PMOs DRIVE Better Productivity

A PMO makes it possible to use skilled project resources in a cost effective manner while supporting (mentoring) the less experienced to deliver. With a PMO to assist in allocation of resources the odds increase of every member of the project team to deliver their best, which improves overall productivity in the company or organisation. Not only can a PMO improve productivity, but it can do so while ensuring that projects get the necessary attention and resources it needs for successful and professional completion.


Improving the Stakeholder Experience 

While the PMO standardises methodologies and processes that make the project manager’s job a lot simpler, this same standardisation also improve governance. The standards and common tools used also facilitates consistent metrics and reports for driving improved project/programme governance. The improvements in governance gives stakeholders more accurate information with data being visualised in effective, high impact formats that improve communication.




PMOs make success repeatable, NJMC’s PMO as a Service delivers this in scalable, defined packages yet also allows for client customisation should it be required.

  • Benefits tracking, Earned Value Analysis.
  • work planning,
  • Resource management
  • Progress tracking/forecasting
  • Scope management& Change control
  • Budget efficiency
  • Stakeholder communication
  • Quality management
  • Risk/issue management
  • Knowledge/records management
  • Fully-integrated project processes.


NJMC Can Customise to Industry Specific Needs

With a simple contract change note (CCN) we can bring in industry specific elements into the PMOaasS. For example a rail industry client might need support around environmental impacts. NJMC can assist by engaging one of our partner companies that specializes in this work and with them we can add in an environmental module and adjust the risk management module to  encompass environmental related risks. Similarly we have another partner company that deals with Health & Safety. Working with them an H&S module can be customised to suite our client’s industry requirements and integrated into the reporting dashboard.

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