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Research PMOaaS

Introduction – NJMC Research PMOaaS

Our Research PMOaaS package is specifically designed for Universities, Colleges, Academic R&D teams. While the package can be used in most research environments it was specifically designed with the following in mind;


  • Industry 4.0 / 4IR
  • Robotics
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Smart-City


The successful management of a research project depends upon the researcher’s ability to plan, coordinate and perform the research.  All research projects need structure, a system to be used to provide good and systematic governance.


One of the challenges that people face when trying to manage research is that they might feel that the managing the multiple management elements is not doing work that they are best suited for and that learning how to do it is entirely an overhead. Unless you have experience in project management, this skill is something you and/or someone else will have to learn while working as a researcher. This is not always a terribly efficient use of a highly skilled and specialized resource. 


A Project Management Office provides a pool of very skilled staff, experienced in programme & project management who can provide management skills that can free you and your staff up to focus on the cutting-edge research that society needs.

Why Use PMO as a Service? 

To put it simply, using a PMO service can free your resources who are skilled in specialist areas, to focus on what they know best. We provide value in this way, whilst providing a central point to tie often disparately located teams together and avoid re-learning or unnecessarily repeating activities.


Using PMO as a Service (PMOaaS) gives these advantages:


  • The service can start within 48 hours of being requested.
  • The service brings with it all the tools needed; Project Management software, supporting software (Office 365 E5), project data analytics, secure data storage (at rest and in transit).
  • The service is backed by an entire team so there is no single point of failure
  • GDPR experience
  • Project Prioritisation services (NJMC’s Portfolio & Project Engagement Service)
  • Continuity across multiple project and/or programmes
  • Partner companies that allow us to provide software and services at preferred rates.

Download Research PMOaaS Brochure


Summary – NJMC Research PMO as a Service 

NJMC is a PMO as a Service provider to business large and small and we work a lot in business incubator spaces in the UK and the Netherlands where many university spin-off start-ups take their first steps. From those incubator spaces and from those of our own staff who attend various university courses as part of their on-going education and development (even our staff who are approaching sixty attend) we recognised that research projects often needed better project support.


         Quality – Project Establishment – Charter, scope, finance.

         Project Gating – Start Up (ORR – Operational Readiness Review).

         Project Gating – Start-up, Execution (PIR – Post Implementation Review).

         Scope management: Tracking the distinction between outputs and outcomes.

         E-Research – Management & integration

         Data Life Cycle – effective working with data across the research programme life cycle

         Continuity – in the commercial world we would call this Business Continuity, the ability to provide core knowledge even as staffing shifts and flows at an increasing pace.

Schedule Management

In traditional project management the approach taken to planning would to try and plan as much of the project at the start as possible.  However, in a research environment this is much more difficult as the project will evolve significantly as the research progresses.  One approach to managing this is to develop a rolling wave plan, though it is by no means the only solution. We strongly advocate the use of a work breakdown structure (WBS).

Finance Management

         Monitor weekly project financial status.

         Report on project finances.

         Provide project forecast/spend/exposure.

         Report on programme finances.

         Provide programme forecast/spend/exposure.

         Inclusion of any change requests to be included as an additional cost/spend.

Project Reporting

         Creation of a “Book of Work” (BoW).

         Daily/Weekly update of BoW.

         Missing projects weekly status update.

         Milestone generation & reporting.

         Project pipeline list.

         PM Allocations Supply & Demand – Meeting, Prep and Follow-up.

         PM Allocations tracker.

Project Risk Management

         Setup Risk Log

         QA of Risks.

         Risks into Log.

         Pre-board activities.

         Board meeting activities.

         Risk closure activities.

Project Issue Management

         Setup Issue Log.

         QA of Issue.

         Issues into Log.

         Pre-board activities.

         Board meeting activities.

         Issues closure activities.

Project Change Management

         Setup Change Log.

         QA of Change.

         Change into Log.

         Pre-board activities.

         Board meeting activities.

         Issues closure activities.