NJM Consulting | The PMO – The Compass at the Heart of Programmes
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The PMO – The Compass at the Heart of Programmes


The PMO – The Compass at the Heart of Programmes

Programme & Project Management Office – The Compass at the Heart of Programmes


A successful PMO requires sponsorship from upper-level management in order to build and maintain a presence across the organisation with the flexibility required to address various important project management issues while providing effective support to managers and enabling good programme communications. Allowing the PMO to do its job with executive backing empowers it to address widespread issues quickly and effectively. When engaging NJMC we focus on building executive backing of the service, this allows us to stand it up swiftly and get project metrics flowing.

There is no set-in-stone way to implement a PMO and this can be a problem which leads to delays in their implementation. Using a PMO as a Service (PMOaaS) that can be picked up off the peg and implemented quickly could be the answer, as well as giving a foundation to a future embedded organisational PMO. Another example of where we can assist is when supplementary capacity is needed in an existing project management office for a period of time.

Choosing the right projects and prioritising them well greatly increases the prospects of project success. By using NJMC ‘s Portfolio & Project Engagement Service we help our clients make data-driven decisions, ones that enjoy great buy-in from stakeholders. This uses Transparent Choice’s excellent application with its analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to build objective consensus. This service can be used alongside any of our PMO service packages, or as a stand-alone.

As more and more projects are supported by our product, specific patterns in project execution will emerge and the predictive accuracy of the PMO service and dashboards will increase. This is how we constantly improve the service experience for our clients until it becomes a cost-saving nexus of efficiency within their organisation. Once this point is reached it might be time for our client to consider if their long term pipeline work is such that they wish to transform their NJMC PMO service into a PMO within their own organisation, in which case we are ready to assist with transformation planning and staff training.

NJMC also offers an Institutional Memory Service, a four part product that allows organisations to capture institutional knowledge which often has considerable value, a fact that is not always recognised until it is lost and too late to recover.

Download brochure: The PMO as a Service (PMOaaS) – The Compass.