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PMO as a Service – Scale, Adapt, Flex! 


PMO as a Service – Scale, Adapt, Flex! 


Executive Commitment For Delivery of Responsibility & Oversight

It might seem obvious if NJMC has been approached by a potential client that executive buy-in has by definition been secured, however we do not make this assumption. NJMC like to make sure that the PMO’s value is understood by the whole organisation. A successful PMO implementation needs to have executive commitment and support as well as involvement. Senior management need to empower the PMO to make decisions as well as provide support to the project managers. In view of this we ask that a senior manager is identified and engaged to partner with. This executive champion will not only communicate the mission, but will work to gain engagement from other stakeholders.

Supporting the Business

When we start a collaboration, firstly we must understand our client’s business so that we can help support it.  Both ourselves and our client need to give project management guidance and understanding to resources in programme/project areas so that they to can best support the business and not just “get the project done”, understanding of the full picture is key. Part of our remit as a PMO is to provide an advisory service through mentoring and advising project managers about the best practices that support the business, helping it to achieve it’s strategic, business, infrastructure and ROI goals.

When it comes to portfolio management we are there to assist in managing and helping control resources across the portfolio and identifying in advance resource needs, shortages and allocation of resources (service package depending). As a PMO service we encourage collaboration between project professionals and functional departments.

Implement Project Management Tools – Simplicity, Flexibility, Scalability

NJMC can bring a complete tools package in as part of our service which will be readily scalable to our clients requirements, or we can adopt existing systems, or we can use a hybrid approach. Our main concern is ease-of-use, and efficiency. We focus on tools that are scalable and will help project managers become more efficient, not ones that will make their jobs more difficult. Where we can automate project controls, minimising the necessary paperwork and bureaucracy we will.

Where we bring software tools in we look after licensing because we can use our bulk buying ability with certain suppliers to provide per-seat value.

Assist Inexperienced Project Managers To Drive Outward Focus on Business Needs

Not all project managers are created equal. Different experiences, backgrounds, skill levels mean that project managers are a non-homogenous group, and thank goodness for that after all it is that mix that generates creativity. It is for the PMO service  to provide processes, coaching and mentoring to inexperienced project managers because a little investment in them by your PMO will help you maximise ROI.

NJMC will quickly learn wo the experienced PMs are and partner them up with inexperienced project managers. The PMO can support and advise thus freeing the PMs to focus on high-value activities. The inexperienced project manager will learn by watching the experienced project manager in action, the PMO will help and facilitate.


Promote Flexibility and Adaptability

In todays project management environments flexibility and adaptability are key and to have those you need communication and excellent relationship management throughout the entire organisational chain. This open communication helps NJMC flex to the client’s business needs. If we see something we do is not working it is reviewed and changed. Each organisation has unique drivers, personalities and pain points so people, process and tools that the PMO puts into place need to flex to the stakeholders and the culture of the organisation.


NJMC Ensure the PMO is Clearly Understood

The value and purpose of the PMO needs to be well understood by the business. A clear goal should be for recognition of expertise. The NJMC professionals working the PMO service will always strive to improve the level of respect through good communication that project management receives within the organisation because their success brings us success. When we are engaged we set clear goals and measures for our PMOaaS and when we and our project management partners achieve them we like to propagate the successeat

NJMC’s PMOaaS Ensures the PMO is clearly understood because when it is our client gets their Benefits Realisation met and we get our Value Realisation met. 


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