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iHuman1.0 – Change Update Status: Continuous

iHuman1.0 – Change Update Status: Continuous

“Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” – George Bernard Shaw

The old Chestnut of ‘Change’…..change is everywhere….changes in society, changes in our fortunes, changes in our thoughts, changes in the weather…..Ch..Ch..Ch..Ch..Changes as Bowie sang in ’71, but it really is still true.  Take for example, the explosion of news articles and discussions on artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics.  These are not concepts that are still years away or the stuff of science fiction, ready to wipe out all humanity (despite what the tabloids say), in fact we have been living with them for years already.

Many examples of early AI exist, such as the auto-correct feature within word processing software.  This started showing up in the days of MSWORD6.0 in 1993 and in 1995 for the T9 software on early mobile phones.  Telephone banking is another example of AI – this goes back to 1984 and was first introduced by Girobank in the UK

Early Robotics were present in:


Vending machines not only led the way (past tense) but continue to lead the way.  Machine-2-Machine (M2M) was pioneered in them and today M2M is the very tip of the spear of 4IR tech. The most recent machine to machine communication has changed into a system of networks that transmits data to personal appliances.

The expansion of IP networks around the world has made machine to machine communication quicker and easier, while using less power.  These networks also allow new business opportunities for consumers and suppliers.  When you select that nicely chilled soda, news of that purchase can literally be flashed around the world to interested marketing parties.  When temperatures rise in the machine’s vicinity along increasing sales, those two factors combined can result in higher prioritisation for a re-stocking visit.

The point I’m making is that talk of Industry40 / FourthIndustrialRevolution / 4IR is not to be feared but embraced and welcomed, as it will help us all.  Many 4IR factors are merely continuing evolutions to things that have been with us for many years and are fully embedded in our everyday life.



But what’s the common thread to all of this?  Well, they are useless without one key element…..us, the human being.  Being human means to progress and develop, to quickly change and adapt to anything – it’s in our DNA and is why we’ve evolved to stand on our own 2 feet (literally!).  It’s also the reason we’ve lasted so long in the world.


Talking of change (brace yourself, here’s the sales pitch, but humour me), the 3 joint founders of NJM Consulting PMO Limited had previously led PMO teams in some of the biggest UK & US blue chip companies.  Each of us fought it out for years within the treacle-like constraints that our corporate paymasters bestowed upon us.  Then, in 2016 the ‘winds of change’ blew in for us…or in corporate speak an “implementation of a workforce management programme to create a more efficient and accountable organisation to ensure a heathy long-term sustainable business with a competitive cost structure”.  I am sure you are familiar with the corporate jargon.

Freed from the constraints of the corporate world, we decided to set up our own Portfolio/Programme/Project Services company, making the changes on our terms this time.  No more working with outdated inflexible ‘tools’ (we’re talking ‘software’ here, not previous co-workers 😊), no more unnecessary processes, no more bureaucracy or production of weekly reports that no one looks at.  Our objective is an agile, lean BUSINESS NEED led service that is just straight to the point, adaptable, what-you-see-is-what-you-get PMO as a Service (#PMOaaS) functions.  With us, you get all the business critical stuff like Project/ Programme Risk, Issue, Change management, financial reporting, Status reports, Institutional Memory, Research Teams PMOaaS, PPM engagement and none of the expensive, time-consuming unnecessary fluff.  Like a powerful jet engine, complete with turbine blades made from the latest alloys, but without all the noise, high cost and oily maintenance hassles.


When you can engage a service package with us it can be for a period as short as a month, extending the service on a per month basis for as long as you have a business need.  Our PMOaaS service can start within 48 hours of being requested – how’s that for agile?!  When you no longer need us, we close down your portfolio/programme/projects in an orderly manner and archive everything.  You can then ask us to hold that information ready for when you might need us again, adding it to our institutional memory of working with you, ready to restart again should you ask.

Making disruptive changes to the ways of an old world PMO is what we do.  NJM Consulting is at the forefront of an Industry 4.0 mindset because we immerse our staff in the technologies through training, conferences, presenting, site visits and expos.  We reach out to the innovators and bother them senseless until they give in and speak to us, often we can connect them with our university contacts too.

Our team’s collective 50+ years of human experience means at NJM Consulting, we avoid the pitfalls of naivety & innocence and are ready for the changes required to support your 4IR future.  Our carefully picked affiliates and partner companies allow us to bring in the best of software tools, developed by very creative thinkers that might otherwise be out of financial reach for some.  We also have partners who can help you with staffing with Industry 4.0 people, protect your intellectual property and even assist you in recovering capital you invest into research from HMRC.

So, to sum up, your Betamax, C90 cassettes, Walkmans and Video Disks maybe long outdated now (Millennials & generation Y’ers – ask someone over 40 😊), but ihuman1.0 is still going strong on the original hardware with no software fixes needed!!


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