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Changing Projects From Alchemy to Chemistry!


Changing Projects From Alchemy to Chemistry!

It has to be said, and to paraphrase Gilbert & Sullivan, that often “A project Managers lot is not a happy one!” 

All too often the PM is handed a project in the form of lead at the start and expected to turn it into gold. In fact if history is anything to go by an older generation of project managers, then called Alchemists, were expect to do exactly that! There is not doubt that despite the odds there are some truly magnificent project managers who by professionalism, skill, sheer stubborn persistence, good fortune or sacrificing their first born to the gods, do manage to deliver the gold, but the odds are startling low. In fact the odds of project success in the IT industry (for example) are as low as 8%, which if you think about are odds not that much better that those achieved by Alchemists!

So what to do


Ensure strong and effective business ownership, sponsorship and commitment. Business and delivery have to act as one. When you engage NJMC this is the first thing we will look at, we might well recommend bringing in an external consultant to help.

Choose project based on logic, not gut:

You maximise the chances of project success at the front end by choosing the right projects in the first place. If the original project(s) to turn lead into gold had been run through an Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) the chances are it would never have gotten off the ground in the first place. Fortunately here at NJMC we do just that using tools from the jolly clever people over at our partner company TransparentChoice. Once you have filtered the possible projects through the AHP, a process that we run and manage for you, then you are left with those that are a better match with your company’s chosen strategic direction, infrastructure needs and which will give a better return on investment (ROI).

PMO Governance & Communication:

Regardless of Agile, Waterfall or Hybrid approaches to project management we flex. We standardise approaches, tools, and techniques to manage projects. Our PMO service establishes common standards/practices, tools of managing projects across departments or within an organization. We coordinate change, risk and financial; management of projects and report of those as well as progress to stakeholders by visualising project data in the most effective and efficient ways to best enable clear decision making. Most of all we make ourselves a hub, we connect the delivery teams and the business teams and keep communications flowing, communication is everything so we make it core to what we do!

NJMC offers a full service Programme / Project Management Office and more. We can assist with establishing firm Ownership-Sponsorship-Stakeholder Commitment, then examine each project objectively against determined criteria in order to maximise project outcomes. Our PMO service governs, supports, mentors and reports your projects.


In short, we can help you remove the alchemy and put in chemistry.

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