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NJMC at InnoRobo Paris

InnoRobo, Paris 2017

NJMC at InnoRobo Paris

InnoRobo Paris

InnoRobo 2017The InnoRobo meeting in Paris is an event to stimulate interest and conversation on the role of robots in our society. It also aims to show the impact of the new robotics technologies in our everyday professional lives and strives to heighten awareness of the potential impact on our personal lives.

InnoRobo will present the state of the art of world robotics to a diverse range of markets through this exhibition and  illustrate the vast array of robotics technologies now starting to hit the market. There will also be conferences with renowned specialists in AI and robotics as well as a host of workshops to encourage cross-innovation and open up opportunities for growth and diversification in nearly all industry sectors.

Innorobo is an important event dedicated entirely to the robotics/AI sector and its innovations. The expo organisers have created a unique ecosystem to speed up the emergence of technologies that provide solutions for some of the major challenges our world is facing. It brings to together already established robotics companies from around the world, research laboratories, start-ups companies, inventors, strategists and innovation decision makers from  international groups large and small.


Why is NJMC Going to be There?


NJMC’s PMO as a Service product range can of course assist any industry sector with programmes and projects that they wish to run to maximum return on investment. However we have recognised that Robotics is a key sector for growth and one with few companies currently specialising in serving and supporting Robotics/AI programmes specifically. We want to change that.

For the last six months NJMC has been placing its staff  into Robotics Expos and conferences all over Europe to familiarise ourselves with the industry. We have been visiting labs to talk to the engineers who are innovators in the field to understand how we could best support their projects with PMO services.


If you are going to be at InnoRobo and wish to talk about how we might assist then please call our team member who will be there on site:

  • Nik Morris,
  • Tel NL: 0031 621 356 041
  • Tel UK: 0044 74 75 12 18 28
  • Sypke Business: nik.morris@njm-consulting.com