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Knowledge Management Matters – Ignore At Your Peril!


Knowledge Management Matters – Ignore At Your Peril!

Last night I was watching the BBC series on the London Crossrail project “The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway” and I saw a fine example of the value of knowledge Management.
During the course of this amazing, world class project, the old Connaught Tunnel had to be rebuilt to modern loading gauge. Where the tunnel passed under the Royal Docks a major problem was found. Fortunately the Victorian Engineers practiced good knowledge management and left detailed, original drawings with the local authorities. The local authority kept the drawings for 135 years and passed them to the Dockland Museum. The engineers and project managers were able to access this historic knowledge to  help them re-plan that critical part of the project to cope with the unexpected problems. They were then able to rebuild the tunnel to modern needs in very short time with minimal disruption to the business trying to operate around them.
The correct capture of human knowledge matters. It matters to business, it matters to many whose livelihoods depends on those businesses and it matters to society as a whole in the legacy of infrastructure, be it railways, hospitals, education services, that we leave for future generation.
Would you like to see the TV programme – “The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway” – Series 1, Episode 2? It is available on BBC iPlayer or as a DVD on Amazon. See at 19minutes in the value of Knowledge Management provision made 135 years ago.

NJMC offers an Intuitional Memory Service (IMS), or to put it another way Knowledge Management designed to preserve business critical process knowledge that has intrinsic value to business continuity.

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