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NJMC’s Programme/Project Management Office (PMO) consulting service.


From optimising an existing PMO to creating a bespoke solution for your IT, Research or Industry 4.0 technology transformation Programme/Project Management Office we can help with a solution that meets your business needs and optimises return on investment in new technologies.


Video Copyright NJMC © 2018, by Nik Morris, Nigel Hillman, Shane Barrington-Kendle.

Institutional Memory – Knowledge Management Enhanced.

One of the underrated costs of employee turnover, in addition to the costs of recruiting and training new employees, is the loss of institutional knowledge represented by departing or off-boarding employees. When employees leave your company, they take with them a lot of valuable knowledge, connections, expertise and social capital that can be difficult to replace.
NJMC offers an enhanced knowledge management and transfer service to assist your business or organisation to retain valuable process knowledge, intellectual capital, business knowledge and aid in marketing efforts.
Video copyright NJMC © 2017, by Shane Barrington-Kendle.

Why Do You Need a PMO for your Programme?

The Project Management Office has made it into mainstream project management. Companies that benefit from project management offices (PMOs) are those which has the PMO and the programme and project managers working in sync. PMOs can add significant value to the work that project and programme managers do, but only when the processes are well defined, clearly communicated and where the PMO supports the project manager, facilitating them in the work they do regardless of the industry sector.

Video copyright NJMC © 2017, by Shane Barrington-Kendle.

Why Use PMO as a Service (PMOaaS)?

Our team includes qualified Project Managers (PMs), Analysts, PMO Leads and PMO managers with extensive experience in managing projects and hands-on experience in system integration assignments and PMO operations. The PMO team assists project managers, maintains processes, and offers support and training to project resources and delivery team members.

From new workflows to bespoke dashboards and data visualisations to help you better manage your projects and programmes we can flex to your needs.



Video copyright NJMC © 2017, by Nigel Hillman.

NJM Consulting: Why NJMC PMO as a Service?

NJMC’s PMO-as-a-Service (PMOaaS) provides a tailored roadmap to industry standards that uses the right tools provided by NJMC. We provide optimal performance indicators, planning and PMO resources needed to execute your enterprise’s strategy and produces excellent ROI.

Our teams provides:

  • End-to-end PMO project support
  • Documented PMO governance and control processes with templates, hosted on our information portal, licensing handled by us.
  • A secure NJMC online project workspace for managing the project(s)
  • Staff training and support of project managers on the use of processes, templates and project workspaces
  • An agile, adaptable, scalable service.


Video copyright NJMC © 2017, by Shane Barrington-Kendle.

NJMC Institutional Memory Service
NJMC Institutional Memory Service

NJMC Institutional Memory Service


NJMC Institutional Memory Service – Knowledge Management Enhanced!

More information here.

NJMC PMO Compass
NJMC PMO Compass

The PMO as a Compass

A successful PMO requires sponsorship from upper-level management in order to build and maintain a presence across the organisation with the flexibility required to address various important project management issues while providing effective support to managers and enabling good programme communications. Allowing the PMO to do its job with executive backing empowers it to address widespread issues quickly and effectively. When engaging NJMC we focus on building executive backing of the service, this allows us to stand it up swiftly and get project metrics flowing.

There is no set-in-stone way to implement a PMO and this can be a problem which leads to delays in their implementation. Using a PMO as a Service (PMOaaS) that can be picked up off the peg and implemented quickly could be the answer, as well as giving a foundation to a future embedded organisational PMO. Another example of where we can assist is when supplementary capacity is needed in an existing project management office for a period of time.

Read more here.

NJMC PMO Power by the Hour
NJMC PMO Power by the Hour

PMO as a Service – Power by the Hour !


There is a concept in the rail industry called “Power by the Hour”. It was developed by the Burlington Northern Railroad (BN) operating department as they sought to improve locomotive availably rates.  Power by the Hour means that the BN did not buy all their locomotives but hired them from the builders on the basis of the megawatt-hours generated by their diesel engines.

This resulted in considerable capital saving when locos are $15 million a piece which was incentive alone, but by paying by the hour the responsibility for maintenance now lay with the loco builders and that gave them every incentive to improve reliability because now an idle loco in a shop was not earning them revenue. As a result, loco failures went from a dismal 25-35 days to 75-85 days. Project Management Office as a Service by NJMC is PMO Power by the Hour, or the day in our case, for programmes & projects.  You pay for the service only as long as you require it.