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NJM Consulting provides a fresh approach to the Project &Programme Management Office world, allowing you to select the best PMO service level for your business
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NJMC Smart City & Industry

Supported Industry Sectors

NJMC’s Programme/Project Management Office as a Service (PMOaaS) can be operated in almost any industry environment.  As a PMO defines and maintains standards for project management within an organization, those standards are largely common across all industries. Our PMOaaS strives to standardise and introduce economies of repetition in the execution of projects. We bring with us sources of documentation, guidance and metrics on the practice of project management and execution.

Our team are experienced in:

  • Banking IT Infrastructure.
  • Insurance IT Infrastructure.
  • Chemical industry.
  • Pharmaceutical industry I.T.
  • Energy.
  • Medical IT Infrastructure.

And we have not stopped there!

NJMC is  expanding into supporting the Digital Railway and Robotics.

Information Technology

NJMC Information Technology Industry

From large corporate transformation programmes and projects to small account size programmes NJMC has experience running PMO’s for them all.


Infrastructure programmes and projects:

  • Multi seat site deployments
  • Data centre migrations
  • Data centre de-commissioning
  • Comms centre upgrades
  • Comms centre de-commissioning
  • Cloud service migrations
  • Desktop software deployments to upwards of 60,00 seats
  • 5,000 seat desktop deployment projects
  • Database migrations & consolidation
  • Server virtualisations
  • Blade server deployments and upgrades
  • Database de-commissioning
  • WAN commissioning projects
  • Disaster recovery solution deployments
  • Software integration
  • Mobility solution deployments

Technology & Robotics Research

NJMC RobotNJMC are currently working with two universities to produce a model for an agile Programme/Project Management Office service to support Technology & Robotics Research programmes with the aim of supporting the talented and creative people working on research & development in their respective fields. One cannot help but be impressed at what they are doing and how important it is going to be in helping the world address many of its current and future issues.


In the many hours we have spent talking to them we have also noticed something else, while they are obviously good at the work they do they are also called upon to bleed off much of their time to various aspects of administration and governance, roles a PMO could perform more effectively. While our team could not get a simple robotic arm to perform a simple gesture we do know how to get a PMO to add value to a programme and project with good support from a PMO.


It struck us just how much research projects were, in a great many regards, just like any industry project. They need measuring, they definitely need financial tracking and a clear view of burn rates. We saw how the monitoring of scope was often rather vague as was documentation and definition of change. To us one area that stood out was the way risk was managed and documented. In short, we think NJMC’s PMO as a Service offering, once carefully tweaked to research environments, could add some real value to them and give the research teams more room to do what they are very clearly best at.

NJMC Supporting the Digital Railway

NJMC Supporting the Digital Railway

All over Europe Digital Railway initiatives are seeking to add additional capacity to the rail infrastructure. This involves creating a programme of transformation to support the way that travellers will use (and enjoy) transport networks of the future. Rail networks are harnessing digital technology for all elements of railway systems, communications, maintenance, signalling, tickets to asset management.

NJMC is leveraging it’s experience to be part of this transformation.