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Technology, Enabling Society: Learning Disabilities

NJMC Technology in Society

Technology, Enabling Society: Learning Disabilities

Technology, Enabling Society: Twist App for Learning Disabilities

From Education Center de Twijn, Marjan Vervat has coordinated development of the Twist-App. This is an application, usable on any device such as laptop, PC, tablet, intended for pupils with severe multiple disabilities (EMB) who could not handle existing applications because they were too fast, too stimulating, too childish, too difficult or not suitable for certain disabilities. Even applications that were made for Special Education did not meet the needs of some EMB students.

The Twist -App can for example be controlled via the webcam (movement in the image), via 1 or 2 button operation which can be headrest mounted, and touch screen.

Teachers and students can make your own lessons: eg calculation assignments, reading assignments, vocabulary, etc.

The Twist App pronounces the commands, repeats them again. The pupil then chooses an answer and then receives an appropriate response from the App.
Desired settings for each student regarding sound, operating mode, time, tempo, hints, and more can be selected. The student can log in with his own password icon, the customized lessons are ready.

Wish to Learn More About Twist-App?

Contact person: Marjan Vervat
The Twijn Hengeveld College
Dr. Hengeveldweg 2 
8025 AK, Zwolle
Web-sire: www.detwijn.nl
E-mail: m.vervat@ooz.nl

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